How Talented is Your Workplace?

It is no secret that workplace interior design can help your business and employees to thrive and prosper. The best design for your workplace is one that communicates your company values and meets your employees' needs.

Google have played a big part in demonstrating the importance of a well designed workplace that attracts and retains the best emerging talent. As a result of this, other larger corporations have followed in their footsteps. Investing in your workplace design to make staff feel valued and comfortable has pushed these corporations to the next level and gained them loyal, hardworking employees. Taking care of employees by offering an amazing workplace can have a huge impact on the growth and success of your business. A well-designed workplace is now one of the most desirable employee benefits.

Company Values 

Your company culture has a huge effect on your profits. Studies demonstrate that happy employees are more productive, stay longer at their jobs, and help the companies they work for outperform the competition. There are many obvious ways to improve your culture, like providing higher pay and better benefits, however, providing a well-designed working environment is proven go a lot further in the loyalty stakes. It needs to be far more than ping-pong tables and beanbags, employees need to feel appreciated.


Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

Offering an office that caters for different working styles is one of the top deciders when the most recent graduates are looking for work. Leaving the strikingly designed interiors of universities and halls of residence behind, where they have grown accustom to working in a flexible environment, with the latest technology, they are now very unlikely to be excited by a job that is fixed to a single desk from 9am - 5pm, in a dull and outdated office. The modern day workplace must offer a variety of workspaces and rest spaces. The need for endless rows desks and large meeting rooms that are empty most of the time are diminishing by the day. 

Skills Shortage 

It has been reported that the West Midlands is currently experiencing a skills shortage, there are many reasons for the best talent heading for London or further afield, however, one of them is that they are light years ahead in the world of workplace interior design and office wellbeing culture…lets show London we can do this too!  

For the businesses in the West Midlands to retain the best emerging talent for their businesses they must invest in the future of workplace design or run the risk of being left behind. 

Have a look around your office. Does your workplace show off your company values? It is not enough to dictate your company values, they have to be visible to employees consciously and subconsciously, to enforce positive attitudes and create productive working. 

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