How Can Co-Working Benefit You?

Co-working spaces offer the ultimate flexibility. Whether it’s a hot-desk, dedicated desk or private office space, a co-working space can offer a vibrant environment that enables you to produce your best work. If you are a freelancer, a start-up or a small business, there are several benefits to co-working…

Networking and Collaboration 

Using a co-working space is a great way of meeting new people with various skills and talents, that you would not otherwise usually meet. Some of which may even be able to help you with your business. Need a new website? A web designer is quite likely to be sat opposite you. Do you have accounts that you need getting in order for HMRC? A fellow co-worker may be able to give you the help and advice you need, and by working in this way, a sense of community is created and small businesses are able to flourish alongside each other. 

People sharing co-working spaces may not all share the same skill set, however, they do share the same mindset. They are enthusiastic individuals who are highly motivated, and thrive on innovation and creativity. I do not believe a co-working space should be limited to industry sectors such as creatives or tech start-ups, the concept of co-working is to create an inclusive community and encourage collaboration, not to exclude or alienate people or businesses, everyone will be welcomed! 

Working Environment 

Sometimes it can feel like it would be easier to work from home or set up at the local coffee shop, but working in that way can be frustrating and challenging. At home there are too many distractions such as watching television or getting the housework done. In a coffee shop you may find it hard to make private phone calls or to concentrate with the high noise levels.  

A co-working space offers the certainty of a stable working environment that is free from distractions. The spaces have been designed to offer a comfortable and welcoming environment to suit different working styles (quiet/collaborative/task), meeting areas and breakout zones for the all important rest and coffee breaks. 

Preventing Loneliness

Working alone can make you feel lonely and isolated. This can then create a negative impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Interactions in a workplace environment is an important part of daily life. Though you will be working on your own business, a co-working space bridges the gap by surrounding you with like-minded people who have picked an independent lifestyle that matches yours. As humans, we are social creatures and we have an innate need to be around others, using a co-working space will leave you feeling more energised, socialised, and happier while increasing your productivity levels, it is win, win situation!

Freelancers are accustomed working independently, however, working in these spaces will allow you to be involved in social interaction when you want to, but also have the option to work alone when you need to really focus on an important task or deadline.

New Business

When starting out, or even if you have established your small business, you will want to ensure you are maintaining a professional image. With the rise in people becoming freelance or starting up their own business in the UK, a co-working space is an ideal place to start to build the foundations of your business and make those all important connections. 

Co-working spaces are more affordable than renting your own private office space. Most facilities will offer rooms for hire for important business meetings with clients, and in many cases your visitors are welcomed by a reception team within the building.

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